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Giving flowers as a gift

There are many occasions to give flowers, in fact many people would agree that it is always nice to receive flowers even if it is not a special time of year. Special occasions when flowers are given include: weddings, birthdays, Valentine's Day ... actually any day when you want to tell someone special to you how that you love them!

Certainly no one will dispute that when we think of a wedding, we think of flowers. Their scent and their color are an almost irreplaceable element of your wedding decor. Whether you select simple arrangements and floral touches, or you go all out, flowers will lend an air to your wedding that no other decoration can quite match.

Many brides and grooms select their flowers based purely on color. Some also consider the type of flowers to set a mood. Roses create a far different feeling that wildflower combinations. Some make selections on the bride's favorite flower or because of budget constraints. There is no right or wrong when it comes to flowers, so long as the rules of good taste and common sense are followed.

Flowers delighting our senses

As sweet as a flower is to both view and smell, floral arrangement can also delight our senses in other ways. There is a long list of poets who have used flowers in their works. One of my personal favorites is "Love's forget me not" by Isabella Crawford:
WHEN Spring in sunny woodland lay,
And gilded buds were sparely set
On oak tree and the thorny may,
I gave my love a violet.
"O Love," she said, and kissed my mouth
With one light, tender maiden kiss,
"There are no rich blooms in the south
So fair to me as this!"
When Summer reared her haughty crest,
We paused beneath the ruddy stars;
I placed a rose upon her breast,
Plucked from the modest casement bars.
"O Love," she said, and kissed my mouth--
Heart, heart, rememb'rest thou the bliss?--
"In east or west, in north or south,
I know no rose but this!"
When Autumn raised the purple fruit
In clusters to his bearded lips,
I laid a heartsease on the lute
That sang beneath her finger-tips.
"O Love," she said--and fair her eyes
Smiled thro' the dusk upon the lea--
"No heartsease glows beneath the skies
But this thou givest me!"
When Winter wept at shaking doors,
And holly trimmed his ermine vest,
And wild winds maddened on the moors,
I laid a flower upon her breast.
"Dear Heart," I whispered to the clay,
Which stilly smiled yet answered not,
"Bear thou to Heaven itself away
True love's Forget-me-not!"

Bunch of Tulips